Pastor-ovejas copiaA leader developing other leaders? Where have you seen this? Usually, it is on the contrary. Once a person has got the power, he used to create the necessary means to avoid anyone grows up. These are the basis of a boss in order to survive (actually he does not deserve to be called a leader).

But we can go further, chosing teams formed by shallow people, just to avoid evidence of weakness. And, what is next? These “selected people” will apply the same filosophy, and this is the way how an organization is driven to a caos (it can happen to a company, institution, political party, association, etc.).

Taking a sports similarity, what really happens is that instead of working to win the “match” (serving society, achiving targets, etc.), what they are looking for is getting the prize of the MVP (Most Valuable Player) keeping his position, although they lose the match. Are we not seeing it every day?

Therefore, what is the criteria that we should apply and why? It is not necessary to say that we are in a world that is transformed continuosly, where what is going to last is the “continuous change”. Either we are creating and recreating continuosly to exist in the future, o simply we deal with the present, which will be absorbed for the future  at a first sight (at a glance).

And this capacity to adapt to the change, goes through knowing how to generate in every part of the organization leaders with the hability to motivate, address and develop all people in a lower level.

Only in this way, as the organization, as every individual will achieve the best potencial that they really have. That means, working every day for developing oneself, personally and professionally and helping other to grow, instead of using energy to keep them down.

To sum up, either one is a leader that develop his team, or is a shallow pastor with his sheeps and followers.



–       Is your boss a “leader” or a “PASTOR” who stop your development?

–       And you?

–       Why do the sheeps get confortable and do not look for leaders?

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